NY state chooses teacher evaluation framework

The New York State Department of Education (NYSED) has selected the Framework for Teaching (FFT) as a rubric for teacher evaluation that is aligned with New York State standards of practice for teachers and/or principals. Created by Charlotte Danielson, the FFT is a research-based tool used as the basis for teacher evaluation systems in thousands of schools nationwide and overseas.

“The Framework for Teaching is already the only recommended framework for classroom observations in New York City schools and we are very pleased that the FFT’s benefits are extending statewide,” said Charlotte Danielson. “The FFT provides schools with a consistent process for evaluating teacher effectiveness in part because it creates a common language around instructional improvement during mentoring, coaching, professional development and teacher evaluation processes.”

To facilitate the effective adoption of the FFT, Charlotte Danielson has entered into a partnership with Teachscape, provider of web-based professional learning content, technologies and services to improve teaching practice. The partnership is focused on developing tools based on the FFT that enable fair and reliable evaluation, actively engage teachers in the process, and train evaluators to conduct reliable and accurate evaluations.

“The Teachscape technology makes the FFT more accessible for day-to-day professional learning,” said Danielson. ”With it, coaches, mentors and evaluators can provide more meaningful ideas and feedback to educators.”

The FFT was recently embedded into Teachscape Reflect, which combines 360-degree video capture hardware and online software, to provide educators with a research-based framework against which classroom videos can be evaluated.