Online learning system adds world languages

CompassLearning® today announced a partnership with Middlebury™ Interactive Languages (MIL) to offer MIL’s Powerspeak world language online learning courses. The partnership expands CompassLearning’s offering, and includes more than 30 online courses in Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Latin for grades 3–12. This partnership results in the market’s broadest set of online language courses currently bundled with a comprehensive suite of K–12 digital curricula. The offering streamlines the procurement and implementation of online instructional content for schools and districts, which now can purchase a K–12 comprehensive digital curriculum and world languages from a single provider.

CompassLearning’s course structure and design complement Powerspeak’s module format, including interactive technology and multiple learning modalities that address individual learning styles and needs. Language lessons include vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, listening, speaking and culture. The accredited Powerspeak coursework is aligned with the national standards set by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), and each course’s 180 hours of instruction coincides with an academic school year. Students can choose to use Powerspeak as an independent, self-paced course, in school with classroom teacher support, or virtually with an online, Powerspeak-certified virtual language instructor.

“Powerspeak tailors language acquisition to students’ different learning styles, which closely aligns with how we personalize learning with our Odyssey curriculum,” said John Costilla, executive director, partner initiatives at CompassLearning. “This partnership helps CompassLearning maintain its focus on individualized learning for each student and benefits schools and districts by enabling them to meet the needs of all learners with the most rigorous and engaging series of online academic courses currently available on the market today.”