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Online security resources

Sophos' K12 online security toolkit includes resources to keep students and staff safe online and to secure school networks
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 Sophos' K12 online security toolkit includes resources to keep students and staff safe online and to secure school networks. The toolkit includes the following:

  • How to stay safe online - guide to best practices
  • "Threatsaurus" - practical guide to the threats to school computers and data
  • Security Threat Report: mid-year 2010
  • How to use social media safely.
  • The nature of social media threats



Security and Protecting PCs

Question: What suggestions do you have that would be good to share with teachers for Internet security and protecting their PCs, both at school and at home? The IT Guy says: Microsoft’s Security Essentials permits Windows users to view information about keeping their particular Windows operating system safe

Secure social networking

The new Saywire network provides secure social networking for K 12 schools, and lets its members share ideas, collaborate on projects, and prepare for competitions in technology. It includes permissions based controls to ensure online safety and features such as

How to Perform a Security Audit

Picture this scenario: a student logs in to your school's network using the password of a former teacher and "improves" his first-quarter grades and attendance along with those of his nine friends. This is just one real-life example of the many kinds of network security breaches occurring at schools across the

Favorite Free Online Resources

The following are the favorite educational Web sites of free online resources roundtable participants at Tech Forum in Chicago in April 2005. Roundtable participants were Janine Shelley, Susan Oxnevad, Steve Dembo, Sandi Millman, Robbie Malkin, David Kasischke, Mary Thompson, Brooke Gaynor, and Mary Clifford. Gwen

A Beginner's Guide to School Security

While the creation of a global computer network has brought a wealth of new resources and opportunities to education, it's also opened a Pandora's box of security concerns for district technology staff and other administrators. From students downloading unauthorized software to the threat of viruses destroying

Improving Network Security

Question:What resources do you recommend for helping improve our district’s Internet security policies and actual security status? The IT Guy says: The Center for Internet Security is a nonprofit group dedicated to helping organizations (including schools) improve security controls and minimize risks to

Cyber Security

We teach our children to be safe, to cross an intersection when the light is green, for example. But it is the responsibility of society to create a secure environment, to ensure that the intersection has a working traffic light. The same is true in cyberspace. We need to carefully build awareness among students