Online technology maximizes 1:1 computing

As school districts across the country are putting in the hands of every student, they must also consider how they will tailor the curriculum to the new technology. It’s not simply a matter of handing students a laptop and a textbook. To make the most of the technology, digital content and digital ways of learning must be developed.

One way to do that is through incorporating features of the social media experience into the student’s educational arena. K-12 administrative software provider Skyward’s Student Access program allows students to review and complete assignments online, make course requests, read and respond to messages via a message center, use an online personal calendar, email school personnel, and respond to teacher surveys.

A new feature called Skyport will allow access via a custom dashboard and include an option to help districts generate additional revenue through non-intrusive advertising.

“Our Student Access module includes functionality that provides school districts with the student portal they need to enable parents, students, teachers and administrators to be on the same page regarding a student’s education,” said Skyward President Scott Glinski.