Organizing your Team

Project management is always difficult when there is more than one person. Many professional developers, including myself, have our own ways of doing things. But being part of a team is a more effective approach to delivering professional development. Each of us has certain strengths and weaknesses and, as part of a team, one can fill in where others may be lacking.

  • Identify each of your team members.
  • Determine areas of expertise for each team member including curriculum or content areas, technology skills, classroom management strategies, and instructional methods.
  • Ask each team member to put down their interests and what they really would like to be doing.
  • Group areas of same interest and expertise and identify strengths and gaps.
  • Assign with the team's permission who on the team will be responsible for what type of activities.
  • Create a flow chart of who reports to which team member.

A company that is based on project management strategies has a website where I found some of these ideas: