Paint that Format!

Do you ever find yourself copying and pasting over and over again? How about copying the formatting? You can do that easily with the Format Painter.

Quickly copy formats (font type, size, and style, paragraph alignment, line spacing and even bullets or numbering) from one paragraph to another.

  • Click in the paragraph whose format you wish to copy.
  • Then click on the Format Painter tool in the standard toolbar.
  • Highlight the paragraph where you wish to copy the formatting and, voilá, the paragraph has the desired formatting.

So you want to copy the formatting to more than one paragraph in your document.

  • Double-click on the Format Painter.
  • Highlight the paragraph then the next paragraph and so on.
  • Then click on the Format Painter to turn the feature off.

Submitted by:
Linda Benafel
Grant Coordinator/Writing Technology Specialist
Project COW (Community of Writers)