Paired literacy programs debut in North Carolina

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) today announced a partnership with Achieve3000®, a Web-based literacy solution that provides differentiated instruction focusing on current non-fiction text. Launched exclusively in North Carolina, the partnership will provide a new solution to differentiate reading instruction based on a student’s Lexile score – the most widely accepted reading metric used today.

“HMH and Achieve3000® agree that a personalized approach to learning will yield the best results for the students of North Carolina,” said Jim O’Neill, Senior Vice President of Portfolio Management, HMH. “This partnership better allows teachers to give their students assignments that are tailored to their individual competency levels, while meeting the rigor of the new Common Core State Standards.”

The partnership brings together HMH’s Holt McDougal Literature©2012 with Achieve3000’s online programs TeenBiz3000 and Empower3000. Holt McDougal Literature2012 is a comprehensive solution for Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts. It comes equipped with a print and online textbook for teachers and students, creating a dynamic experience for the learner. In addition to reading and writing literary and informational texts, the programemphasizes language skills. Students also apply writing skills to speaking and listening as they compose and deliver their ideas in both formal presentations and informal discussions.

Achieve3000® provides online differentiated instruction to students through custom-made assignments that align with their reading level. Its solutions are scientifically proven to boost overall comprehension, vocabulary, writing proficiency and test performance. As part of Achieve3000®, informational text is sent to students daily via e-mail. Strategies used with each text effectively build a deeper level of reading comprehension, increase fluency and strengthen writing and vocabulary skills. Teachers may also choose from an array of informational text to use for analysis with selections in Holt McDougal Literature.