Partnership extends texbook rental

BookRenter and MBS Direct announced a new partnership today to offer textbook rental to more than 900 schools serving more than a million students participating in MBS Direct's virtual bookstore program.

"BookRenter is widely recognized as having the best technology and service in textbook rental," said Dennis Flanagan, CEO of MBS Direct. "BookRenter not only has the best technology, but also matches our commitment to providing students with affordable access to course materials."

With more than 14 percent of private and parochial school students considered under or near the poverty line, the annual cost of textbooks, which can reach as high as $600, is a significant burden; with textbook rental, that cost can be reduced by as much as two-thirds.

Virtual bookstores provide schools that cannot support a brick and mortar bookstore with a simple site where families can purchase all their school books. Textbook rental allows these schools to provide families with more affordable choices on course materials, dramatically lowering the overall cost of their books. All purchases of new and used books and textbook rentals are completed through a single transaction for greater ease and lower cost.