Partnership yields data solutions for educators

Follett Software Company, an integrated digital learning solution provider, and Assessment Technology Incorporated (ATI), provider of online instructional improvement tools and data analysis, announced today the signing of a teaming agreement that will allow the two companies to jointly pursue opportunities with K-12 educators.

The education technology companies will leverage their experience in data warehousing, instructional improvement system, state-of-the-art Item Response Theory (IRT) measurement techniques, and professional development by offering educators a complete solution through Follett Software’s TetraData data warehousing and ATI’s standards-based, research-driven Galileo K-12 Online Instructional Improvement System (IIS).

Follett Software’s TetraData is a resource for data warehousing, analysis and reporting solutions to meet school districts’ data-driven decision-making (D3M) needs. Typically, TetraData is used by districts to analyze proficiency and growth, measure curriculum and program effectiveness, evaluate staff alignment and development impact, proactively identify and monitor at-risk students, and evaluate school climate.

For more than a decade, ATI’s Galileo Online technology has provided data to inform educational decision-making, as well as tools to enhance overall effectiveness in the instructional process. The Galileo K-12 Online Instructional Improvement System (IIS) makes it possible for educators to deploy a comprehensive, research-based and standards-aligned instructional improvement system.