Password help

Question: The youngest children in our elementary computer lab have a lot of trouble typing in their passwords to log onto our computer network. Do you have any suggestions for making this process easier?

The IT Guy says:
Consider using a generic network login that does not have a password for younger users, and letting them save to a shared folder on the network that all students can access. Shared-level file access can be dangerous, since anyone can move or delete files, but it can really reduce headaches and wasted time with younger learners.

Also consider having the students type their passwords in their user-name blanks, and then “cutting” the password (by holding down the control key and pressing X) and pasting it into the password field. In this way, students will be able to see the spelling of the password they are typing and fix it if needed. Often password fields type dots instead of letters, which can make password entry for young learners extremely difficult.

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