PBLWorks Introduced

The Buck Institute for Education has announced the introduction of its new brand name, PBLWorks. This change drives a renewed focus on providing Project Based Learning (PBL) to all students and supporting teachers and administrators in implementing PBL effectively.

“We chose this name because it tells everyone what we do and why we do it. Project Based Learning works to transform students’ educational experiences,” said Bob Lenz, executive director of PBLWorks. 

PBLWorks offers an expanding collection of PBL services, including thought leadership and training around Gold Standard PBL, as well as resources, curriculum materials, and more. The new brand also encompasses the organization’s work in PBL research and the events it hosts such as the annual PBL World conference and PBL Institutes around the U.S. and in other countries.

For more information about PBLWorks, visit the new website: www.pblworks.org.