PBLWorks Introduces PBL Project Idea Cards for Teachers

PBLWorks introduces a free online library of more than 60 downloadable Project Idea Cards to support teachers in implementing Project Based Learning (PBL). The library will be growing, with new cards to be released throughout the year.

The Project Idea Cards are downloadable, standards-based project ideas addressing a range of grade levels and subjects - from math and science to history and English. Each project card lists a driving question, a project description, the standards the project addresses, the anticipated outcomes, and reflection questions to help teachers bring the project to life in their own contexts.

The library can be accessed at https://my.pblworks.org/projects.

The projects in this collection, many of which have been tested in the field, were developed by teachers, PBLWorks National Faculty Members, and PBLWorks staff. Examples include:

 ●  “Community Heroes,” a social studies project for grades K-2 that addresses the driving question: “What makes someone a community hero?”
●  “The Scoop on Our Stuff,” an English Language Arts project for grades 11-12 that addresses the driving question: “What is the true cost of the things we buy?”
●  “Crash Course!” a physics/engineering project for grades 9-12 that addresses the driving question: “How do we protect the things and people we care about from collisions?”