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PD course offers combined approach

Atomic Learning has added  a new, comprehensive PD solution facilitated by live instructors.
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Atomic Learning has added a new, comprehensive PD solution facilitated by live instructors.

Blended Learning courses incorporate opportunities for participants to coach and collaborate with other one another, learn new technology skills, and reflect on the experience over a 4-week period with the advantage of a facilitator involved from beginning to end.

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Mobile Learning PD Course Offers Educators Classroom Projects and Lessons

Everywhere you look someone is using a mobile device. So, it's no surprise that educators are needing to embrace these technologies as tools to impact teaching & learning. The "Going Mobile" course will expose teachers to a variety of tools and strategies to get the most out of mobile devices in the classroom. There's still time to join the Atomic Catalyst course starting on October 29! This Instructor-Led Online PD Course focuses on developing strategies for including portable computing devices in classroom projects and lessons, including the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad™, and other cell phones and mobile computing platforms. These devices enable real time communication and feedback, as well as access to textbooks and reference sources. More importantly, they open the door to educational innovations that take advantage of ubiquitous, "always on" computing and communication. October 29—December 3, 2012* | Weekly Webinar: Mondays, 6pm-7pm CST Register now. *Other dates avaiable, visit https://store.atomiclearning.com/going_mobile.html to see the full schedule. If your school or district is embarking on a mobile initiative, learn from others who have been there, done that. Check out the Atomic Mobilize solution.