Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School deploys 4,000 ThinkPad R500 laptops

On September 23, Lenovo announced that the Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School (PAVCS), a K-12 public cyber charter school in Norristown, PA, deployed nearly 4,000 ThinkPad R500 laptops to give its students the technology they needed to complete a high quality public education from home.

The school has also partnered with IBM Global Financing to receive an environmentally responsible technology refresh strategy through leasing.

Joanne Barnett, Chief Executive Officer at PAVCS, says the school chose the ThinkPad 500 after careful deliberation, based on its excellent reputation, high quality and durability, and especially its affordability and performance. This marks the school’s first purchase of PCs for its students, and will help it provide better service and consistency to students—previously, the school leased computers.

With the help of IBM Global Financing’s leasing and technology asset recovery services, the school will be able to upgrade older PCs every three years and return used PCs for reuse or recycling.