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Philadelphia school makes cost-effective new print environment

Eager to update its campus technology, the PreK-12 Episcopal Academy (Philadelphia, PA) worked with HP to plan a flexible, cost-effective print environment as part of its new campus developments.

For some time, the academy’s buildings were highly in need of renovation, and teachers and students had to use unreliable printers. With renovations in 2008, the academy moved to a new campus with seven major buildings on 123 acres. Part of its plan for renovations included updating the school’s technology.

The new campus makes great use of integrating technology into students’ experience—in 2008, the school re-imaged all of the desktop computers so that users can automatically print to the closest network printer, and staff have the ability to print to any HP printer they choose through the Universal Print Driver. In addition to updating computer technology, the switch to HP also saves the school money. The new higher-capacity models can serve larger workgroups, which has lowered the cost per page. Color printing is restricted based on user needs, and students as well as staff are well-trained to efficiently use the new printers.