Plano ISD Initiative Aims To Improve College and Career Readiness

Plano Independent School District (PISD) has selected Hobsons'Naviance college and career readiness platform to create a college-going framework that facilitates communication between counselors, students, and parents while supporting college and career exploration.

“The success of our school district is inextricably linked to the success of our graduates,” said Patty Meyer, associate superintendent for campus services at Plano ISD. “Our administrative team and school board are thrilled to acquire a resource that will help students along the path to college and career readiness, while helping us track their progress. We look forward to further assessing and validating Plano ISD’s benchmarks for our students and graduates.”

One goal for Plano ISD was to improve course selection and registration to ensure students were not only meeting graduation requirements, but also increasing academic rigor. Naviance Course Planner, an extension of Naviance that allows students to design their own multi-year course plans, will help Plano’s counselors to set post-secondary goals aligned with interests of each student, and then create a comprehensive course of action that connects those same personalized goals to their post-secondary plans.

Once students have charted a course, Naviance eDocs will allow Plano ISD to electronically submit high school transcripts, recommendations, and supplemental documents securely to more than 1,800 colleges and universities.

The true measure of the effectiveness of a district’s college and career readiness efforts is how well schools are preparing students to succeed in college. As such, Plano will also deploy Naviance Alumni Tracker, an integrated solution providing access to data from the National Student Clearinghouse®, to monitor student progress from college enrollment through completion. By tracking the outcomes of their graduates, Plano will use Alumni Tracker to identify opportunities for process improvement, advancing their college-going culture for future generations of Plano students.