Podcasting Quick Start

Question: We have several teachers who want to start podcasting with their students. Can you recommend some good resources teachers can use?

The IT Guy says:

  • Podcast411 has a good series of podcasting tutorials for both Windows and Macintosh users.
  • For tips and suggestions specific to educational settings, check out teacher Bob Sprankle’s blog and podcast “Bit by Bit Podcastâ€, which specifically addresses tools and strategies for classroom podcasting
  • Teachers and students will generally have better luck recording higher quality audio podcasts if they use external microphones. However, expensive ones are not required, decent quality microphones and reasonable prices can be purchased at Radio Shack.
  • If your teachers and students use Macs, Garageband is an excellent application to use for podcast recording.
  • MacWorld magazine’s June, 2005 issue included “Start Your Own Podcastâ€, a good article about getting started with podcasting.
  • Kirk McElhearn's "Beginner's Guide to Podcast Creation" from ipodlounge.com is also a good reference for both Windows and Macintosh users wanting to get started. Good luck!

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