Poplar Bluff Public Schools Adopts Digital Textbooks

Missouri’s Poplar Bluff Public Schools and Discovery Education announced today an expansion of their partnership that brings digital social studies and science textbooks to junior and high school classrooms district wide. Discovery Education will support the school system’s digital transformation, which is evolving in partnership with Mooresville Graded School District.

“We are thrilled to expand our collaboration with Discovery Education to provide our educators with resources that are relevant to the 21st Century learner, as well as critical to preparing students to be competitive in the global economy and meeting students’ instructional needs,” said Patty Robertson, assistant superintendent of curriculum at Poplar Bluff Public Schools. “Our partnerships with national leaders like Discovery Education and Mooresville Graded School District support us as we strive to educate all students to their full potential, and inspire them to be lifelong learners who possess the skills and knowledge necessary to be productive members in our changing world.”

Over the past two years, Poplar Bluff Public Schools has worked closely with Mooresville Graded School District (MGSD), which is nationally recognized for the success of its digital transformation and long-time partnership with Discovery Education, in order to ensure their conversion to digital learning environments continues to positively impact student outcomes and engagement. The school district has hosted teachers from MGSD for numerous professional development days throughout the year, including the “Mooresville Institute,” which focused on the effective integration of digital technology into instruction.

The expanded six-year partnership with Discovery Education will support the district’s goal of providing creative learning experiences for students by integrating Discovery Education Science Techbook™ into junior and high school classrooms, and Social Studies Techbook™ for all junior high students. Discovery Education’s digital textbook series offers individualized resources through digital assets including virtual labs, video clips, an interactive glossary and more. Poplar Bluff junior and high school students will also continue to use Discovery Education Streaming Plus, a comprehensive digital library of more than 150,000 learning assets aligned to state and national curriculum standards.

As part of its efforts to provide dynamic and interactive learning opportunities to all students, the school district issued MacBook Airs to 800 junior high students for use at school and at home during the 2013-2014 school year. This coming school year, 1,400 high-schoolers will also receive a laptop as part of the 1:1 learning initiative.