PowerLite 435W Multimedia Projector

PowerLite 435W Multimedia Projector

www.epson.com/brighterfutures Price: $909 through the Brighter Futures program

Epson’s PowerLite 435W is a short-throw projector equipped to produce an 80” image from 2.7 feet away.

Quality and Effectiveness: Epson’s PowerLite 435W projector is a very nicely featured, short-throw projector that produces outstanding image quality. The unit can project an 80” image from only 2.7 feet, and at its farthest distance, the 435W can project a 16:10 image up to 113” diagonal. The 3,000 lumen, HD-capable output makes the Epson an excellent option for districts looking for a short-throw projector solution. The projector has a native WXGA resolution of 1280x800 and has a host of inputs and options. The projector is also equipped with an Ethernet port and optional wireless module for remote monitoring or control to project and connect via a network. The E-TORL lamp is rated for 6,000 hours when used in economy mode. The unit also has a USB “Plug ‘n Play” option for projecting video, presentations or document camera feeds directly from a USB connection.

Ease of Use: The PowerLite 435W is very simple to set up and use. The menu system is intuitive, and the included remote has many features accessible from a dedicated button. Zooming or focusing the image being projected is easily accomplished through a focus slider on the machine and dedicated “tele” and “wide” buttons on the top of the unit. A convenient feature many will be able to take advantage of is the ability to quickly project via the USB connection without the need for a computer.

Creative Use of Technology: While Epson does not break any ground in regards to new technology, the ease of use and the quality of the image achieved from such a short distance are notable. The brightness and image quality are simply stunning, and watching 1080p video on the unit was quite impressive.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment: The PowerLite 435W would provide an excellent solution for school settings where a short-throw projector is required. The sound quality doesn’t have the full tonality range of a larger, dedicated speaker system, but the 16W speaker does produce more than enough sound to be heard throughout a large classroom. The option of adding wireless capabilities to the device is nice, but it would have been better had the wireless capabilities been built into the unit. Though the price of the unit is not the cheapest in its class, the image quality and available options make it an excellent short-throw option.


• Image quality
• 6,000 hour rated bulb life
• Available connections and options

The Epson PowerLite 435W’s connection options are excellent, and the unit offers a compelling, nicely-featured shortthrow solution for education.