Problems saving in Windows XP Paint

Question: Our students are having consistent problems saving when they use the Paint application in Windows XP. The first time they try to save it does not work, but it does the 2nd time. What is going on?

The IT Guy says:
If this is only happening within the Paint application, the problem is probably not with network file saving rights—you may have a configuration problem with Paint.

You can reset the Paint program to default values by opening an existing bitmap image or Paint document, and from the IMAGE menu selecting ATTRIBUTES. Click the DEFAULT button underneath Cancel and OK on the left side of the window, then click OK.

If that does not resolve the problem, you might try reinstalling the Paint program. The best bet, if this is just happening on one or a few computers, is to use a disk imaging solution like Norton Ghost to recopy a “pristine†image of the hard drive onto the troublesome computer).

If you cannot do this and need to reinstall Paint:

  3. On the left side of the Window, click ADD/REMOVE WINDOWS COMPONENTS.
  4. Under ACCESSORIES AND UTILITIES click details, and deselect Paint. Click OK, NEXT, etc to complete the uninstall process.
  5. Repeat these steps but select Paint to reinstall it.

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