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Product: Capstone myON Reader

myON reader is a personalized social reading environment that empowers students to choose books according to their interests and skill levels and provides teachers and administrators the tools to track, monitor, and report on students’ growth.
Publish date: Retail price: $6,500 per school for annual subscription; volume discounts available

By MaryAnn Karre

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myON reader is a personalized social reading environment that empowers students to choose books according to their interests and skill levels and provides teachers and administrators the tools to track, monitor, and report on students’ growth.

Quality and Effectiveness : With myON , students, teachers, librarians, administrators, and parents can have immediate and concurrent access to more than 800 digital books from Capstone, Stone Arch (lots of graphic novels!), Compass Point, Heinemann-Raintree, and Picture Window books; more than 1,000 books will be added by year’s end. In addition, Capstone Digital will soon be adding titles from other publishers. myON ’s strength lies in its personalized reading assessments, which address students’ interests and develop individual reading recommendations. The first time a student logs in, he completes an interest inventory to determine which books out of the 60 categories he may want to read. Then he answers 35 multiple-choice reading-comprehension questions. This Lexile placement exam determines the reading level at which he will be successful and provides a starting point for the growth-trajectory report. The student is invited to repeat this benchmark assessment after reading a few books.

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Ease of Use: The student interface is clear, colorful, and inviting. The Home Page presents a selection of either recommended books, all available books, the teacher’s list, or books saved from the student’s earlier searches. Readers can choose to have books read aloud or not and to have each word, sentence, or both highlighted as the story is read. By clicking the account button, students can view their reading activity, adjust their reading preferences, and see their projected reading growth.

The teacher interface is less colorful and straightforward but contains lots of information that can be sorted by individual, group, or class. The teacher interface also includes lists of sets of books by topic; individual titles in each set, along with their Lexile level and rating and a synopsis, can be viewed. Each set can be assigned to a student or group of students, but individual titles cannot be assigned from this interface. Teachers can also create sets of books, searching the collection by subject, reading level, or category. Directions are not readily available.

Creative Use of Technology : myON provides a simple way to integrate digital books into the curriculum. Students can read books, review them, and share reviews with this safe, monitored social network.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment: myON merges students’ reading with evaluation by teachers and monitoring by parents. Teachers have access to the quizzes and assessments that the students complete and can use these data to provide feedback, help formulate reading strategies, and create personal reading plans.

Top Features

¦ A student can select books according to their appeal and the student’s reading level.
¦ Teachers can efficiently monitor students’ reading progress and create a personal reading program for each student or group of students.
¦ Parents can monitor their children’s progress and participate in their successes.



myON reader from Capstone Digital Tops 1 Million Students

The shift from print to digital books has been well documented, and publishers such as Capstone Digital have been at the forefront of this shift in the education market. Due in part to exponential growth in the variety and depth of digital resources available, Capstone Digital’s myON reader has surpassed 1 million students 18 months after the platform launched. The personalized literacy environment provides access to the largest integrated library of enhanced digital books with reading supports such as an embedded dictionary, highlighting and audio. Since myON reader launched in January 2011, students have logged on to read more than 3.5 million books.

myON reader Expands Publishers Program

Capstone Digital has added a dozen more publishers to its popular myON reader platform. Already the largest integrated library of digital books with multimedia supports, myON reader will gain new upper-level titles and books for young readers and preschool students. Publishers recently added include Youth Communications, Reference Point Press, Teacher Created Materials, August House, Mikaya Press, and Rourke Publishing. These publishers join Orca, Saddleback Educational Publishing, Sylvan Dell, Bellwether Media, and others on Capstone Digital’s partner roster to bring an additional 1,000 titles for schools to choose for their students. In addition, myON reader features books from Capstone’s award-winning imprints: Capstone Press, Compass Point Books, Picture Window Books, Stone Arch Books, and Heinemann-Raintree.

Hachette Book Group’s Little, Brown Books for Young Readers Joins Capstone Digital’s myON reader Publishers Program

Capstone Digital announces its myON reader platform will be augmented with the addition of 46 titles from Hachette Book Group’s Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, publisher of bestselling picture books, fiction, and nonfiction for middle grade and young adult readers. Little, Brown Books for Young Readers joins other publishers recently added to the myON reader Publishers Program including Dorling Kindersley, Saddleback, Reference Point Press, Teacher Created Materials, August House, Mikaya Press, and Rourke Publishing, among many others. Each title added to the myON platform goes through a rigorous process to be converted into an interactive digital book.

Capstone Digital Extends Mobile Reach with myON iPad App

Capstone Digital announces the launch of its myON iPad app. More than 1.2 million students now have unlimited anytime, anywhere access to a growing collection of more than 3,000 digital books with multimedia supports such as highlighting, audio and embedded audio. While myON was already optimized for all mainstream mobile platforms, the iPad app now offers students the ability to download digital books for offline reading. Plus, the iPad app retains all of myON’s tracking and measurement tools – even when students download and read books offline.

Capstone Digital Adds Early Learning Content to myON reader

Today at the NAEYC Annual Conference & Expo, Capstone Digital is introducing an expanded collection of early childhood reading content for myON reader. The personalized literacy environment now offers a booklist featuring hundreds of children’s titles from eight additional publishers that address the needs of early learners. And since myON is accessible on iPads and all other mainstream tablets, the growing list of early childhood titles is available to young learners anytime, anywhere – whether they're at school, home or on the go.

Capstone Digital Optimizes myON for Mobile Platforms

With the wide variety of mobile devices available, school administrators are looking for integrated programs that provide students with anytime, anywhere access to educational resources – regardless of which devices students use. Capstone Digital, developer of personalized learning environments for students, announces new mobile capabilities that make myON™ accessible through virtually every mobile platform, including the iPad® and Android™-powered tablets.

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MyOn 3.0

MyON is a digital library with multiple assessment tools that track and encourage reading.

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