Product: NEC NP-V300X Projector

Product: NEC NP-V300X Projector • Retail Price: $779.99

The V300X is a compact, lightweight projector that displays bright, realistic images even in less than ideal conditions.

Quality and Effectiveness: Versatility and brightness are the strengths of this projector. It can be used at desktop level, or ceiling level, and from front or rear of the projection screen. A nice variety of inputs is readily accessible. Dual computer inputs make it a snap to switch between presentations, and an HDMI input port connects to high definition sources. With a maximum brightness of 3000 lumens, the V330X can clearly display images up to 300 inches (measured diagonally) from a computer, DVD player or document camera. With XGA native resolution, it is compatible up to UXGA. Although still portable, it is not exactly petite; the unit measures 12.2 by 9.7 inches, and is almost 4 inches high, yet it weighs only 5.5 pounds. No carrying case is included, although it is available as an accessory.

Ease of Use: Start up is quick and easy; the projector is ready seven seconds after the power is turned on. No cool down period is required, either. With AutoSense, the projector “intuitively” syncs with most computer signals, and was easily ready to use whether the computer or the projector was powered up first. It is easy to correct color, keystone, zoom and focus from both the remote and the unit.

Creative Use of Technology: Using a single chip projection system called BrilliantColor from Texas Instruments, the V300X projects true colors with its six-segment color wheel, even in a brightly lit room.

The V300X is also an energy-miser, with an ECO mode that is easily accessed on the remote control, and which reduces the brightness to 75%, extends the lamp life, decreases energy usage by 50W, and slows the fan speed. Energy-savings for the particular session or life of the projector can be displayed by the Carbon Meter, in terms of CO2 emission reduction when ECO mode is on. The percentage of the lamp’s remaining life can also be projected, as a percentage of the estimated 3000 hours.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment: Internal settings automatically optimize the image for Power Point presentations, TV viewing, movies, graphics or standard color value. Built-in closed captioning enables decoding and display of text information from a video, and a 7W speaker provides the volume needed in large rooms.

Top Features

• This projector displays clear and bright images, with true colors, even in bright rooms and without a white screen.
• The V300X is an energy miser in ECO Mode, yet the image is not visibly dimmer, and the fan is noticeably quieter; timer ensures that the projector is not left on for long periods while not in use.
• Built-in security features help prevent theft and unauthorized use of or tampering with the projector.

Overall Rating

The V300X has an impressive assortment of features, yet it is easy to use, and it saves energy without sacrificing image quality. It will continue to be a useful classroom tool with its variety of connection options, including the ability to monitor it through a network, and with the optional ability to view 3D images.