Product Review: Wipad

By Vicki Windman

Product: Wipad (

Retail Price: Wipad Pro Basic Package $399

The Wipad Pro is a wireless device that allows mirroring in real time of an iPad to a TV or projector. The Wipad Pro does not require a network connection as it is a stand-alone, plug and play device.

Quality and Effectiveness

The Wipad is designed to easily project from an iPad, freeing educators to move around the classroom. The company offers three packages: WiPad Pro Basic , Wipad Pro Complete Package, and the Wipad Pro VGA Package. The packages all come with a USB charging cable, which plugs right into your iPad charger; the charge lasts about three hours.

Ease of Use

The Wipad is very easy to use-- just plug the Wipad into your iPad’s HDMI port and you are ready to go.

Creative Use of Technology

Are you a one-iPad classroom? Do you want to show students how to use the iPad but need to walk around with your iPad? The Wipad will reduce the frustration of tripping over wires. Now you can walk around the class and move from app to app without going back to your “hub” where your iPad is plugged in.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment

With the Wipad, users do not need an IP address; using the Wipad has no effect on network or wireless traffic, and does not need IT support. Simply plug and play.


The Wipad is extremely intuitive to use. Since the iPad 2 gave us the opportunity to mirror our iPads, we can now reach many more students who need the visual display.

Top features:

·Seamlessly connect with the iPad.

·iPad is seen in “real time.”

·Teachers can walk around the room and engage more students.