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Put to the Test: Dell Latitude 2100 netbook

Put to the Test: Dell Latitude 2100 netbook

Dell’s new Latitude 2100 netbook has combined their Latitude line’s remote management capabilities with the Intel Atom processor’s affordability. Designed with kindergarten through eighth grade classrooms in mind, each Latitude 2100 is built with a rubberized casement enabling it to last through spills from desks and jostles in backpacks.

Pros: The Latitude 2100 Computer is lightweight (about three pounds) and only 7 x 10 inches, making it ideal for note taking. The keyboard is almost full size, which is a nice plus for a netbook. The VGA out is an added bonus. The six-cell battery (twice the size of most netbooks) gives this netbook an average of six hours of battery life. The screen also gives a full display, which is something not all netbooks do.

Cons: None.

Overall Evaluation: The Dell Latitude 2100 netbook is almost the perfect match of size and functionality. The size and features of the Dell Latitude 2100 make it superior to many other netbooks on the market. The price point is also at or slightly lower than many other netbooks, making it a very good value. Dell obviously did their homework on this one.

Retail price: $350 to $800 depending on configuration.