Quickoffice 4.0

from Technology & Learning

System Requirements: Smartphone; PC running Windows XP; USB and/or Bluetooth and infrared wireless capability; memory card optional
Price/Grade: $49.95, slight pricing variations depending on smartphone model
Pros: Easy-to-use; intuitive user interface; files created in Quickoffice transfer seamlessly to PC versions of the software
Cons: Not ideal for viewing large, complex PDF files; not compatible with the Mac OS X system

Ask any educator or administrator if they have enough hours in the day to get all of their tasks done, and you'll likely get an earful. The latest offering designed to help educators be productive is Quickoffice 4.0, a software suite for smartphones that allows users to edit, view, and create Excel, Word, and Adobe Acrobat PDF files while on the go. Users simply install the accompanying software on their PC, sync their PC and smartphone, and start transferring files via USB or wireless Bluetooth and infrared.

I tested the software on a Nokia S60 3rd edition smartphone and a PC running Windows XP (the software comes in a variety of configurations for a wide selection of smartphones). After a frustrating 30-minute period of unsuccessfully syncing the phone to my PC, I had Quickoffice up and running smoothly. Transferring files to and from the smartphone via USB proved seamless, and reviewing small PDFs was a breeze. (However, large PDFs proved to be a bit much for Quickoffice).

Quickoffice's intuitive interface and its ease-of-use are significant strengths; educators and administrators will enjoy the flexibility and increased productivity this software offers.

Mark Smith is managing editor of Technology & Learning.