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Reading Assessment Survey

* Educators spend, on average, 20 days focused on assessment of reading skills.
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A recent national survey by Lexia Learning shows:

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* Educators spend, on average, 20 days focused on assessment of reading skills.

* One-third of K–5 educators spend one-andone- half months assessing reading skills.

* Students spend, on average, eight entire instructional days each year taking reading tests.



Educator survey;  New skills assessments needed promo image

Educator survey; New skills assessments needed

As educators across the nation increasingly incorporate 21st century skills into instructional strategies, they believe the federal government should support the development of new assessment models that effectively measure those skills

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Reading is a long-term and complicated learning process, but every child needs to learn how to read! Substantial support in the early grades is essential if low achieving students are to catch up with their peers; also it will positively impact the average to above average learners. In order to be effective in

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Whether instructors face the challenge of teaching efficiently and effectively, have to define student needs and placement, or must spend more time correcting behavior than teaching, assessment tech can be a useful tool to finding success.

Companies Partner to Develop Literacy Assessment

Lexia Learning® has announced a long-term strategic partnership with researchers from the Florida Center for Reading Research focusing on research and innovation in the area of language and literacy assessment.

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When Dan Harmon started teaching at the Collins Career Center in Chesapeake, the juniors and seniors were, on average, reading at a sixthor seventh-grade level.