Reading curriculum predicts student performance

One of the greatest challenges for educators is the process of identifying and prioritizing the students of greatest need, pinpointing the specific skills with which they struggle, and then bringing the appropriate instructional intensity to improve performance. A key component of Response to Intervention and other multi-tier instructional models used in classrooms today, this type of ongoing assessment of student progress typically involves frequent, costly and time-consuming tests.

Today, Lexia announced Lexia Reading® version 8.0, a technology-based reading curriculum that predicts student performance on year-end, grade-level assessments and offers prescriptive recommendations for the intensity of instruction needed to improve each student’s performance. Lexia Reading’s system of differentiated practice, embedded assessment and targeted instruction is the industry’s first integrated curriculum tool to offer norm-referenced, predictive performance measures without administering a test. The scalable, research-proven software advances reading skills development for all students in pre-K through grade 4, and helps intensify and accelerate learning for at-risk students in grades 4–12.

As students work independently on Lexia Reading’s systematic, structured skills development activities, the software records each response and adjusts each student’s experience on the program according to his or her demonstrated skill level. This embedded assessment, known as Lexia’s Assessment Without Testing™ technology, provides real-time data on students’ specific skill gaps, as well as norm-referenced predictions of each student’s percent chance of reaching the end-of-year benchmark. The program then identifies and prioritizes students for small group or individual instruction, providing educators with targeted instructional strategies and structured lesson plans to help each student improve performance on grade-level assessments.

Lexia Reading version 8 also features the launch of a new iPhone® app, which will allow administrators and teachers to view student performance data on their iPhone. With a norm-referenced database in their pocket, educators will have point-of-use access to key data to inform instruction, increase intensity and improve student performance, anytime, anywhere.

In addition, Lexia Reading includes seven new “Lexia Lessons” for use on Interactive Whiteboards. Available on both the SMART and Promethean platforms, these integrated, structured lesson plans for educators focus on seven of the most difficult foundational reading skills, and complement the more than 75 paper-based lessons in the program which support all of the major skill development areas.