Reading for Meaning

Why do some children read fluently but comprehend very little? There are strategies and resources that teachers can use to help their students construct meaning as they read. Show teachers appropriate resources and strategies that encourage inquiry and motivate students to want to understand a deeper meaning of the text.

Model some of the following cognitive strategies, so they can show students how to:

  • Relate to prior knowledge during and after reading.
  • Brainstorm the most important theme and ideas in the text with the whole group.
  • Create questions to deepen understanding.
  • Use a KWL or KWHL chart.
  • Try different graphic organizers.
  • Use visual images so they can make connections to the text.
  • Synthesize what they have read by summarizing their ideas using a word processor and an external monitor or LCD projector.
  • Have students reflect on their understanding using threaded discussions or Blogs.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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