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Reading program delivers topical multimedia content

Reading program delivers topical multimedia content

This January, Weekly Reader introduces a new tool for schools -- a multimedia reading-comprehension program that combines interesting, real-world nonfiction content, research-based lessons, interactive activities, and more.

Weekly Reader Connect is a school-wide online reading program for grades 1 through 6. It requires no additional software or tech expertise and delivers dozens of "themed units" throughout the school year, focused on current events for grades 3-6, and cross-curricular, timely topics such as hurricanes, Native Americans, penguins, and space exploration for students in grades 1 and 2.

Designed to reach all students-regardless of their individual learning styles, Weekly Reader Connect presents short, multileveled content enriched with unique interactive multimedia, including brief, compelling videos, narrated slide shows, topical audio clips, animated shorts

Throughout the school year, Weekly Reader Connect will bring the following elements to all subscribing schools:

  • Exclusive interactive digital editions
  • Downloadable companion Teacher's Guides
  • Teaching points about specific Concepts of Comprehension embedded in each issue
  • Concepts of Comprehension Skill Builder lessons

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