Relating to Prior Knowledge

How do you know if students get it? You see classes where many students have problems understanding the concepts. You can help your teachers determine what their students already know and want to know. Model with your teachers the techniques that will help students relate to prior knowledge during and after their reading of text.

  • Ask teachers to read about The K-W-L-H Technique
  • Create an example KWHL chart, as shown at Graphic Organizers.
  • Let your teachers brainstorm what they already know about a concept — such as ‘Pocahontas’ — using the RapidFire technique with Inspiration
  • Create a KWHL template using tables in Word and have teachers keep notes in the template while reading two sometimes contradictory pages: Pocahontas and The Pocahontas Myth
  • Ask teachers to post on a discussion board: “Did you learn anything new about Pocahontas?†and “What do you believe is really true about Pocahontas?â€

Teachers can use this example with topics or themes they ask their students to read or research.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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