Relating to What they Already Know

You may work with veteran teachers who are uncomfortable with technology. It is a good idea to start with what they already know. Just using a mouse may be a challenge for a few of them.

  • Set the motion and double-clicking speed of the mouse to as slow as possible on the computers they will be working on.
  • Place icons for shortcuts to the programs on the desktop.
  • Relate all programs to things they use already:
  • Explain the similarities of a word processor to a typewriter.
    Blank page is similar to a new blank document.The keyboard on a computer is similar to a typewriter.

The original keyboard designed in the late 1880’s had certain keys were jamming when secretaries were typing too fast. The QWERTY keyboard was designed to slow down the typing speed. Now there are no keys that stick when they type, and we still have the QWERTY keyboard. It is because we are used to it. Let your veteran teachers know the differences and the similarities:

  • Don’t hit Return at the end of the line. The computer automatically wraps text.
  • You only need one space after punctuation. The computer adjusts to put more room after the punctuation.

These are only suggestions. Not everyone agrees with the one space after punctuation. Always open to your ideas.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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