Remember to Hot Synch your Handheld!

The district recently purchased handhelds for all administrators. I spent hours entering data into mine. Then something went wrong with the battery and I lost everything. How is this a time-saver?

It sounds as though you entered data directly into the handheld without using the computer desktop software and hot synch device. I’ve learned that initial data entry goes much quicker when information is typed on a computer and then transferred to the handheld using the hot synch capability. This also creates an initial back up of your handheld data on your computer. If something goes wrong with the handheld, you can reset it and re-download the data from your desktop onto the handheld. Of course, you may lose anything that was entered directly into the handheld afterwards if you haven’t been synching it regularly to keep the desktop files up to date.

And, if you haven’t been synching your data, you may also have not been keeping your battery charged. This could have caused the data loss. My handheld cradle serves two purposes: it’s necessary for synching, but is also the battery charger. I try to remember to place my handheld on its cradle for 10-15 minutes each day. This keeps the battery fully charged and helps me remember to hot synch daily.

Talk with your district technician. If the data cannot be retrieved, s/he will be able to show you the most efficient way to re-enter the information and explain how to avoid future problems.

Submitted by: Susan Brooks-Young

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