Remote Desktop Tips

Question: I am trying to access my computer at school with Remote Desktop to access files there from home, but am not having any luck. When I try to connect, I am getting the message: “The local policy of this system does not permit you to log on interactively.†How can I make this connection?

The IT Guy says:
Several settings must be made correctly for you to make a remote desktop connection from home to your school computer. If you are getting this message, it is possible your school computer already has a global IP address. If so that would be unusual, since most school districts use local IP addressing for classroom computers. According to Microsoft, the error message you are receiving indicates that you do not have access rights for the remote desktop application. Instructions for how to fix this, even if your account is not designated as an administrator, are provided on;en-us;289289. Remote desktop connections are likely already enabled for your computer if you are seeing this error message, but if not you can enable them by right clicking my computer, choosing properties, and then clicking on the remote tab. Be sure the checkbox to allow remote desktop connections is selected.

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