Remove Windows Setup Files

Question: I used a Windows XP install CD to reinstall the operating system on a desktop computer, and now each time I reboot I have an option to either run Windows XP or Windows XP Setup. How do I remove the option to install the Windows XP setup files?

The IT Guy says:
You need to edit the settings in your BOOT.INI file to remove this startup option. Right click MY COMPUTER, choose PROPERTIES, and click the ADVANCED tab. Beside STARTUP AND RECOVERY click the SETTINGS button. At the top of the window you can use the popup menu to change the default operating system selected, from Windows XP Setup to Windows XP.

If you want to permanently remove the option to boot into Windows XP setup, you will need to edit the BOOT.INI file. TO EDIT THE STARTUP OPTIONS FILE MANUALLY, CLICK EDIT click the EDIT button. This will open the BOOT.INI file in Notepad. Refer to Microsoft's Support Article, “How to edit the Boot.ini file in Windows XP” for details on removing the line for Windows XP setup, or for other operating system options.

Note that removing the menu choice from the Boot.ini file will not actually delete those files from your hard drive; thus you will need to manually locate and delete those from the hard drive to actually remove them from your system.

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