Rhode Island contracts with ETS and Teachscape to train classroom observers

Educational Testing Service is proud to announce that the Rhode Island Department of Education awarded a contract to ETS and its subcontractor, Teachscape, to offer the Framework for Teaching Proficiency System to all districts implementing the Rhode Island Model Teacher Evaluation and Support System.

The Framework for Teaching Proficiency System is a research-based online solution for training and testing classroom observers. Developed in cooperation between ETS and Teachscape, and based on Charlotte Danielson’s 2011 Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument, the system contains three video-rich components integrated into a single, easy-to-use online system which enables school districts and states to promote high-quality observations by implementing rigorous training for all classroom observers.

“Together with Teachscape, we are very pleased to be given this opportunity to collaborate with Rhode Island on this important project,” said Linda Tyler, Vice President for New Product Development at ETS. “Rhode Island is proving itself to be a leading state as it implements fundamental changes to its teacher evaluation system. ETS and Teachscape are ready to bring the power of our combined expertise and capabilities to provide innovative solutions to help meet this challenge.”

ETS and Teachscape are working closely with Rhode Island to develop training materials and provide expert assistance for the classroom observation component of their Summer Academy trainings for personnel evaluating teachers. The Summer Academies will cover the entire Rhode Island Model Teacher Evaluation and Support System, which includes comprehensive evaluation rubrics that go beyond classroom observation and include student achievement.

“As we work together to transform education in Rhode Island, our highest priority is to ensure that we have effective educators in every classroom and effective leaders in every school,” said Deborah A. Gist, Rhode Island Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education. “The Rhode Island Model for Educator Evaluation is designed to provide teachers and school leaders with feedback and information on their professional practices that helps all educators strive toward excellence. We are pleased that Educational Testing Service and Teachscape are working with us to develop tools and training materials that will ensure the high quality and fidelity of our educator evaluations.”

In addition, beginning in the fall 2012, Rhode Island will implement the Framework for Teaching Effectiveness Series — also developed in cooperation with ETS, Teachscape, and Charlotte Danielson. This online, self-directed tool will provide over 10,000 Rhode Island teachers with insight into the value, structure and content of the classroom observation process.