SAM Labs Launches New K-1 Coding and Creative Problem-Solving Courses

(Image credit: Pando PR)

SAM Labs today announced the launch of new coding and problem-solving curriculum and resources for kindergarten and first-grade students (K-1). 

The new K-1 product line will begin in kindergarten with a series of ten hands-on learning lessons focused on skills such as creativity, problem-solving, sequencing and basic technologies. Nine first grade program lessons will be introduced shortly afterward and both programs will be available in January 2020. The new K-1 courses will be standards-aligned in science, math, and language. 

The K-1 courses will introduce Baby Blocky and a comic strip focused on solving a problem. Instructional guidance will highlight skills such as coding, creativity, exploration, sorting and classifying, solution thinking, collaboration, and finding multiple solutions to a single challenge. 

Each SAM product is designed to enable non-technical teachers to deliver STEAM, coding, and problem-solving experiences to their classrooms through standards-compliant, ready-to-use teaching kits.

This week, SAM Labs also released a comprehensive guide on all things STEAM K-12 and its Ultimate Edtech Grant Writing Guide and list of grants