Saving data from a damaged USB keydrive

Question: I dropped my USB jump drive, and now it doesn’t work. Is there any way to get the files that are saved in it?

The IT Guy says:
There is generally always hope when it comes to recovering data from a hard drive or other storage device, including a USB keydrive/thumbdrive, but the question can quickly become: How much money is the data on the damaged drive worth to you? A wide variety of commercial entities provide drive recovery services, but usually at a steep price. Do a Google search for “disk recovery services†to see some of the available options.

Rather than send your keydrive to a commercial entity for expensive drive recovery service, you may consider purchasing a software utility program that can recover files. Inquire with your district IT department, as they may already have a disk recovery tool licensed that can be used on your keydrive.

Some software products that perform recovery functions for Windows-based systems include Stellar Phoenix Digital Media Recovery, Norton Systemworks, and Zero Assumption Recovery.

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