School leaders see digital classrooms as key to student learning

Two-thirds of school leaders say 1:1 computing classrooms are the future of education—despite recent public questioning about the value of technology in education.
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Two-thirds of school leaders say 1:1 computing classrooms are the future of education—despite recent public questioning about the value of technology in education.

More than 300 district superintendents, assistant superintendents and school principals from districts with 2,500 students or more participated in a market research survey fielded by Interactive Educational Systems Design, Inc. (IESD). Curriculum provider Time To Know funded the survey, which had a margin of error of +/- 5.5 percent.

The majority of respondents (63 percent) said that a teacher-led classroom with computers for each student, where the teacher acts as a coach, is what education should look like in the future. In addition, 80 percent of respondents said they would prefer a comprehensive curriculum program with 1:1 computer access, an interactive whiteboard, and some student materials available in print form. In contrast, less than 5 percent preferred most materials in a print format with some practice and homework to be completed on the computer.

In addition, 84 percent of leaders said 21st century skills, including critical thinking, problem solving and the ability to think creatively, are a high priority.

Also in the survey, 69 percent of leaders cited budget constraints as a top concern and 58 percent cited academic achievement challenges related to student performance and learning as a top concern.

Time To Know is a complete teacher-led curriculum system that features a Digital Teaching Platform designed for one-to-one computing classrooms and offering interactive multimedia lessons, individualized instruction, and the development of critical thinking skills.



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