School Site Plan Worries

Last spring my school's technology committee spent a lot of time updating our site plan. Now we’re finding that we can't implement it fully due to a lack of district support. Everyone here is discouraged. What can we do?

It’s nearly impossible to implement a plan when you don’t have the necessary resources and support from the district office. Were district representatives included in the planning sessions last spring? Was the plan officially approved by someone in the district office? If not, you need to invite district staff to meet with your site committee to lay out a plan that states specifically what role district staff will play in helping your site achieve its goals. If so, it’s time to meet with district staff to identify the barriers they’ve encountered in providing support to your site and possible solutions.

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) has identified eleven Essential Conditions that must be addressed in order to successfully implement effective technology use in education. The concerns you raise are included in this list, which is available at “Essential Conditions for Implementing NETS for Administrators. ” Consider using this resource as a springboard for discussion when you meet with district staff.

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