SciLEARN On Demand released

With one click, schools can now access technology based on more than 30 years of brain research to accelerate learning for students working at, above or below grade level. The new SciLEARN™ On Demand, which released June 30th, offers schools the ability to provide students, teachers and administrators with instant online access to the entire Fast ForWord® family of educational software products via the Internet.

Developed by Scientific Learning, the Fast ForWord program aims to accelerate learning by building brain fitness in four critical areas: memory, attention, processing, and sequencing. As a result, learners can realize achievement gains of one to two years in as little as eight to 12 weeks, and maintain an accelerated rate of learning even after the program's end. Thousands of students at schools across the country use the individualized, adaptive Fast ForWord computer exercises to strengthen the brain’s ability to capture, process, and retain information, resulting in increased self-confidence and enduring gains in language and reading skills.

To give schools and districts maximum flexibility, SciLEARN On Demand supports all types of implementations, from one student to thousands of students. Schools can also extend learning opportunities to the home with anytime, anywhere access to the brain fitness program.

“By providing online access to the entire Fast ForWord family of products, with no additional hardware or software to install, SciLEARN On Demand enables budget-conscious schools and districts to quickly and cost-effectively bring the proven benefits of the Fast ForWord program to all their students,” said Andy Myers, president and chief executive officer. “With instant access to the Fast ForWord Language series, Fast ForWord Reading series, and Fast ForWord Literacy series, districts can accelerate learning for a wide spectrum of learners from preschool through high school, including general education, at-risk, gifted and talented, English language learner, and special education students.”