Screen Care

Question: What should I do about fingerprints on my monitor?

The IT Guy says:
While I won't go into the old joke about the person who used white out to correct typing errors, an off center glance at your screen will show an amazing amount of gunk. No matter how tempting is to blast it with an aerosol window cleaner, be strong. Liquids, especially sprayed around the monitor are bad. See all those little holes? Hear the fan? You can suck that junk inside. In fact, I seldom if ever use a strong chemical. I prefer a dry cloth first to gently dust off the screen, then if needed, a tiny amount of water on the cloth, and then wipe the smudges. Now if you have been using white out, you may have to use something a bit stronger. But glass monitors and especially the newer LCD monitors on Laptops are very susceptible to scratching and damage.

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