ScreenBeam® Classroom Commander Orchestration Platform Now Supports Chromebook One-to-One Classrooms

ScreenBeam Classroom Commander
(Image credit: ScreenBeam Inc.)

Although remote learning is having its day in the sun, the times is coming when kids and teachers are back in the classroom.  With the new emphasis on elearning, as well as the growing popularity of 1:1 classrooms, managing devices to facilitate learning will be key for a productive classroom.

ScreenBeam Inc.'s Classroom Commander orchestration platform is now available for both Chromebook and Windows 1:1 classroom environments. 

The ScreenBeam Classroom Commander combines wireless display with student device orchestration to improve lesson flow and collaboration. Supporting up to 50 student Windows or Chromebook devices and a teacher Windows, macOS, iOS or Chromebook device, the platform frees teachers from the classroom display. Educators can move around and interact with students without interrupting instruction. 

Features include:

  • Teachers can monitor student devices and active applications in real-time to keep the classroom focused
  • During guided lessons, teachers can message a student or group, blank and lock the keyboard/mouse on a single student screen, multiple student screens or the entire class
  • With teacher permission, students can display their work from their desks for the entire classroom to view
  • Teachers using Window 10 devices can also annotate directly onto a student screen from the classroom display, even when student devices are not touch-enabled

The Classroom Commander Orchestration software is included with each ScreenBeam 1000 EDU wireless display receiver.

Availability and pricing

Classroom Commander with Chromebook and Windows support is free with the purchase of the 1000 EDU for$499 per classroom.  To learn more, visit Classroom Commander or 1000 EDU, or request a free 30-day trial.