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Setting Priorities

I know with all we have to do today, we may be juggling several projects at once, but how do you know which of those projects are the most important to work on? Try to determine if the project is:



Not Important

Not Urgent

Some projects are:

  • Important but Not Urgent
    (i.e. your administrator wants you to create a tutorial on the new gradebook program)
  • Urgent but Not Important
    (i.e. one of your teachers cannot get their printer to work and wants you to come by their room as soon as possible to teach them how to fix it)

But the ones you want to work on immediately are the ones that are:

  • Important and Urgent
    (i.e. you need to meet with your team to plan the institute in two weeks)

For activities that are Not Urgent or Not Important, have a plan to put them on a list and mention to your administrator or teacher that you will get to those at a certain date or delegate someone else to do those projects.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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