Setting Up an Online Course

If you spend time planning and designing each session before the course starts, you will have a more successful program.

  • Create a syllabus with clear objectives and expectations of participants.
  • Provide orientation materials and tutorials for all new members.
  • Develop a variety of activities that meet the different learning styles of the participants.
  • Create small group activities to build relationships and "get acquainted.â€
  • Set up an outline for each day with links to each session.
  • Include links to research, literature, and other websites that you want the participants to use.
  • Upload handouts and templates you want the participants to use and adapt.
  • Create questions and discussions to enhance your program.
  • Plan and set up any IM, videoconferencing, or e-Conferencing dates on your agenda.

The more you plan before your course starts will make your program go smoothly and make your life less stressful.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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