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Small Change Makes a Difference is a free resource for teachers, students, and parents that focuses on using free Web tools in the classroom.
Publish date: is a free resource for teachers, students, and parents that focuses on using free Web tools in the classroom. The site has reviewed more than 1,200 tools and includes more than 45 videos explaining how to use them to teach. It recently launched “eduTechers Change the World,” a charity campaign in which each visitor to the site donates a penny to an aid organization. At the end of November, the users can vote to decide which charity will receive the money.

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Small district makes big wireless change

Amherst School District in New Hampshire made the decision to upgrade its ad hoc wireless network after complaints from users about frequent dead spots, as well as concerns from school board members about security issues.

Summer Workshops Make the Difference

As a busy educator, it isn't easy to find meaningful high-quality professional development. I'm a K-5 Resource Room teacher for the Nassau-Spackenkill School in Poughkeepsie, New York who always wondered what it would be like to have enough time to collaborate with my colleagues and learn new skills. For the past

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A Form of Change

Once initial tech costs are covered, teachers are trained, parental resistance is handled, and kids find a new version of “The dog ate my homework” to excuse their late book reports, paperless classrooms can start reaping the financial benefits of saving all those trees.

Little Things Make a Difference

Tip: Many people expect teachers to give up their time for professional development willingly. Unfortunately, we do take advantage of the little time a teacher has. If we can offer some incentives for participation in professional development, it can often go a long way. Some of the ideas I've come up with

Different Browsers for PC and Mac?

I have a PC at school and a Macintosh at home. I use Internet Explorer to browse the Web on both computers. I’m taking an online course and am finding that sites that work just fine at school don’t seem to work as well at home. Why is that? Internet Explorer was designed for the PC world initially, and

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After-school tech makes a difference

A recent study conducted by the University of Washington’s Center for Information & Society examined the after school technology programming in 38 Boys & Girls Clubs across the country and reflected the positive impact the organization’s Club Tech program has