SPECIAL Section ISTE Wrap-up

Online & Software
eInstruction and Ignite! Learning Partnership

eInstruction has partnered with Ignite! Learning to enable immediate and automatic scoring on eInstruction’s CPS student response systems. Ignite! Learning provides standards-aligned middle school assessments that can be used as tests or class review.

Questionmark OnDemand 5.3

Questionmark, the online testing and assessment program, has been upgraded. Version 5.3 offers an interactive Item Analysis Report that gives users visual cues on how to quickly see results that need more detailed investigation.

SK Telecom

SK Telecom, a provider of wireless and mobile applications, will soon release T Smart Learning, a new platform that provides customized learning and opportunities for individual student evaluations. The new platform can be accessed through a mobile tablet and can help students prioritize coursework, set goals, manage schedules, and improve skills such as vocabulary.

Powerspeak Languages

GALE, part of Cengage Learning, has announced the addition of five new languages to Powerspeak Languages, the online language learning program. ESL for speakers of Mandarin Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Korean round out the program, which uses a variety of multi-sensory activities to help students acquire language skills.

e2020 eLibrary

e2020, Inc.’s new eLibrary program offers a keyword search tutorial system for grades 6-12 that gives students access to over 4,600 Common Core state standard aligned lessons in languages, math, science, social studies, and electives. The library can be implemented by itself or as an add-on to the e2020 Virtual Classroom and Virtual Tutor products.

iCLIPART for Schools

iCLIPART for Schools provides an age-appropriate site with 7.8 million illustrations, photos, fonts, animations, and videos to enhance teaching materials or other classroom media projects.

Learning.com online marketplace

Learning.com has launched an online marketplace to help educators find, buy, and use digital resources. The site offers a single online point to organize, assign, and track student progress with both free and fee-based standards- aligned digital content. Teachers can find resources by keyword, state, or national standard.

MimioStudio 8

DYMO/Mimio has released a new version of MimioStudio. Teachers can use the software with any combination from the Mimio product suite to create interactive lessons. Updates include expanded MimioVote Question Customization, brush pen stylized writing, enhanced drawing tools, and more.

PBS LearningMedia

PBS and WGBH have launched PBS LearningMedia, a free service for teachers, students, and parents that offers over 14,000 digital resources for use in the classroom and at home. The content is aligned to Common Core State Standards and available for all preK-16 classrooms.

Qtopia Plus

Qtopia, an online interactive learning and gaming platform with materials for K-8 students, has announced a premium, paid version. Qtopia Plus includes state standards-aligned curriculum, more learning tools, and additional reporting features.

SAS Curriculum Pathways for netTrekker

netTrekker subscribers now have access to the free middle and high school resources from SAS Curriculum Pathways. Teachers will be able to access the SAS library of educator-reviewed, standards-aligned, digital instructional resources and use these tools in personalizing instruction and planning lessons.

Shmoop “Shmoints”

Shmoop has announced new gaming-inspired features to help make their educational Web site fun and engaging for middle and high school students. Students can earn “Shmoints” that can be redeemed for prizes by answering literature quizzes, working through Shmoop’s test prep courses, or just by logging in to Shmoop. They can also see how they rank in their school or nationwide, thanks to a new school leaderboard feature.

StudySync for Middle School

BookheadEd Learning, LLC, has expanded into the middle school market, making its curriculum program StudySync available for these grade levels. StudySync has also upgraded their library to include more modern and classic texts and new videos.


Hatch and SMART Technologies collaborated to co-develop the CoreFocus learning system for kindergarten and 1st grade. CoreFocus includes 2,500 CCSS-aligned math and literacy activities and lesson plans for SMART Boards. Hatch has also recently launched the TeachSmart 2.0 Learning System which includes a content management system, more than 1,100 activities, and professional development resources.

Aerohive StudentManager

Aerohive has announced a partnership with Pearson. This collaboration has made Aerohive’s Wi-Fi platform- enabled classroom management application, StudentManager, to be integrated with Pearson’s PowerSchool solution, a student information systems program. Teachers will now be able to monitor student Wi-Fi activity in classrooms and control the Web content that students can access.

Arcademic Skill Builders

Arcademic Skill Builders, a free online resource with educational video games, has released a new subscription-based option that includes score tracking and a Learning Management System for teachers. The games have also expanded in scope, content and functionality.

CounterACT virtual network access control solution

ForeScout has announced that it can now run its CounterACT network access control solution (NAC) as a virtual appliance. This means users can put the NAC anywhere they want, without needing a physical machine. Customers can mix virtual appliances with physical NAC appliances and manage them from a single console.

Livescribe Connect

With Livescribe Connect, educators, and students can use their Echo and Pulse smartpens to send their handwritten notes and audio from paper to online applications. Users simply draw a line and write the name of the application they want to send their notes to, and then tap the pages to select the information they want to send.


Acumen Solutions has announced the availability of SchoolForce, an open Student Information System and performance management solution. The cloud-based application is built on the salesforce (force.com) platform and is integrated with Google Apps. Educators can have open access to the SchoolForce application and will be able to enhance and extend it.

SMART Vantage

A beta version of SMART Vantage technologymanagement software, an application that provides data on how SMART Board interactive whiteboards and projectors are being used, was recently released. Administrators and IT directors can log on through a web-based interface to gain access to the reporting, which shows how the items are being used across classrooms and the entire district. Annual subscriptions will be available in October 2011.

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ZeroPC Private Cloud

ZeroDesktop, Inc. has announced a virtual desktop that lets users access content through any computer with a Web browser. ZeroPC Private Cloud enables IT administrators to set up general kioskmode desktops with predefined applications, files, and programs that students can access in any classroom.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt platform and games

HMH has announced new offerings to its learning platforms and games, including Carmen Sandiego Adventures in Math: The Lady Liberty Larceny, the first in a series of math-focused games from the company available for the Wii.


appMobi has created appFlash, a new Web-based application that converts Adobe Flash Web sites, ads, and apps to native iOS apps. Currently available in an experimental stage to developers, the app leverages appMobi’s cloud-based cross-platform native app “build” service to help users create native code apps for the Apple iTunes App store.

Avid Scorch

Avid has released its first application for the iPad. With Avid Scorch, students and teachers can practice, perform, and purchase sheet music as the app transforms the iPad into an interactive score library, music stand, and sheet music store. Scorch currently has over 150,000 titles available.

KUNO mobile device

uWriteTouch recently introduced KUNO, a mobile device developed with students in mind. Schools can manage and control the student devices from a teacher, school, and district level. Used with CurriculumLoft’s management software, teachers can set access to content and resources on the student KUNO devices.

MozyPro app

Mozy, an online backup service, has introduced a mobile app for MozyPro users that allows them to access their files from their mobile devices, without needing to store or download the files in advance.

Knowledge Adventure mobile games

Knowledge Adventure has launched three new mobile games: JumpStart Roller Squash, Math Blaster B-Force Blaster, and JumpStart My ABC Book. The games are available online, for Nintendo Wii and DS, and through the iTunes App Store for the iPad, iPhone, and iTouch.

Super Duper new mobile apps

Super Duper Publications has released four new mobile apps to help teachers track progress and provide educational materials for students. The Super Duper Age Calculator is available through Android Market as well as the iTunes App store. The other apps—Super Duper Data Tracker, Webber Photo Cards What Are They Thinking?, and Story Starters Fun Deck—are available through iTunes.

Texthelp Web Apps

Texthelp has released a new suite of Web Apps that give Read&Write GOLD users access to read-aloud tools with dual color highlighting for HTML and Bookshare eBooks. The Apps work on the iPad and other IOS devices, Android tablets and phones, and other mobile devices in addition to PCs and Mac computers.

DYMO/Mimio and Headsprout

DYMO/Mimio recently acquired Headsprout, a provider of adaptive online learning software programs. Headsprout’s programs for reading allow teachers to ensure students are mastering skills in each lesson at their own pace before continuing. The acquisition will strengthen DYMO/Mimio’s offerings of integrated hardware, software, and services.

Lexia Reading 8

Lexia has released a new version of its technologybased reading program, Lexia Reading. Version 8 predicts student performance on grade-level assessments and prescribes the intensity of instruction needed to improve student performance. A new iPhone app also gives teachers access to student performance data.

Britannica ebooks

Mackin Educational Resources has added circulating and referencing Britannica titles to its collection of over 19,000 ebooks. Educators have multi-user access to every ebook that is purchased with no ongoing annual subscription or platform fees, and they can access their titles from any Internet-connected computer or Windows-based mobile device.

ItsLearning online chemistry course

The Grant Career Center has developed an online chemistry course to make its academic prep more accessible to traditional vocational students and prepare them for college. The course is available through the cloud-based learning platform from itslearning, and plans are underway to offer more courses in other disciplines.

LabQuest and Logger Pro via LanSchool

Vernier Software & Technology and LanSchool have teamed up to make LabQuest data collection handheld devices and Logger Pro software accessible via LanSchool classroom management software. This allows educators to manage all devices and to project all connected LabQuest screens, so students can see data in real-time as they conduct experiments.

Edmodo Teacher Profiles

Edmodo, a free social learning network for schools, now offers teacher profiles where educators can connect with peers and the education community. Teachers can now include their school and educational experience in their profiles, as well as share their teaching philosophy, interests, and favorite resources. They can also create a personal URL for easier profile sharing.

Atomic Learning educator forum

Atomic Learning and School Improvement Network have partnered to add a free educator forum to the PD 360 Technology Pedagogy training program. The forum includes free resources and discussions on classroom technology issues and tips.

Brainchild Professional Development

Brainchild is offering professional development options to K-12 educators who are implementing Kineo tablet-based learning solutions. The professional development covers planning and technology deployment, as well as curriculum integration and data analysis.

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KDS professional development courses

Knowledge Delivery Systems (KDS) has teamed up with Solution Tree to offer 13 new professional development courses that offer educational strategies and tools to improve staff and student performance. The courses include 21st Century Skills, Assessment and the Common Core State Standards, and Intro to Professional Learning Communities.

Discovery Education Science Techbook

Launching this fall is a new core instructional resource from Discovery Education, the Science Techbook. Each edition of the series addresses state standards and is intended to be the primary instructional resource in elementary and middle school classrooms. The Techbook offers virtual labs, video clips, ebook passages, and interactive glossary, among other resources.

Cisco Show and Share

Cisco’s Digital Media Suite (DMS) offers educators Webcasting and video sharing, digital signage, and IPTV applications for fostering collaboration in school. The company’s new product, Show and Share, helps schools create secure video communities. Users can upload content and access it on demand, as well as collaborate by means of rating, word tagging, and other tools.

SAFARI Montage new titles

SAFARI Montage has added more than 180 educational titles from Ambrose Video Publishing to its Video-On- Demand and Digital Media Management system, including the BBC Shakespeare Content Package. The new content will be available in the K-8 Core Content Package and the 9-12 Expansion Content Package.


AOC (www.aoc.com) has launched the Touch Monitor e2239FwT, a 22-inch High- Definition LED monitor that adds multitouch functionality to desktop computers and notebooks. It can be a great tool for classroom computer games or for teachers to maximize their small-screen netbook experience. Users can view Full Screen HD Video without distortion, and play sound through the monitor’s built-in SRS speaker bar.

Crestron (www.crestron.com) has introduced CAPTURE-HD, a high-definition lecture capture device. The device offers a one-button solution to schedule, record, publish online and view presentations. Students can view the presentations from mobile devices like the iPhone or iPad as well as their laptops.

Olympus ( www.olympusamerica.com) has unveiled two new digital audio recorders: the VN-7100 (left) and the VN-7200 (right). The products offer hundreds of hours of recording time and features to help capture ideal recordings. Both recorders feature an optional Variable Control Voice Actuator function that enables automatic recording only when sound is detected at a predetermined level.

ELMO USA (www.elmousa.com) has announced the release of the TT-12 interactive document camera. The new camera features a multi-directional camera head, 96x zoom (12x optical and 8x digital), an internal microphone, and instant Audio/Video recording capability. The unit also offers direct integration with the ELMO CRA-1 wireless tablet with or without a computer.

Luidia Inc (www.luidia.com) and Sony Electronics (www.sony.com) have announced a partnership that will offer Sony projectors bundled with Luidia eBeam Edge. The eBeam Edge transforms any existing flat surface into an interactive workspace, and features tools to help teachers create, capture, and share lesson plans and other information.

Samsung (www.samsung.com) has released a new document camera, the SDP-960. Ideal for classroom settings, the camera provides SXGA output at 30 fps for noise-free video display on a newly designed platform. The SDP-960 also offers a built-in preview monitor, digital image rotation, and a 48X combined zoom (6X Optical and 8X Digital)

RM Easirespond is a new classroom response system. The included software allows teachers to create interactive activities and gather immediate, reportable feedback from their students. The kit includes 32 wireless handsets that students use to interact with the activities on the screen. Class and individual student data can be exported to MS Excel or a School Management System.

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PolyVision (www.polyvision.com) has added content to its interactive -eno solution by partnering with education software providers Conceptua Math (a supplemental online math curriculum), Britannica Digital Learning (developer of online learning and curriculum- correlated resources), and SkillsTutor (an online tutoring tool).

Hitachi America (www.hitachi-america.us/digitalmedia) has introduced a new 3LCD projector. Upgraded from the previous model, the CP-X2514WN features wireless operation and networking capability. The CP-X2514WN is ideal for medium-sized classrooms, and delivers 2,700 ANSI lumens brightness with XGA resolution and a 3000:1 contrast ratio. Up to 50 computers can be networked to a single projector, with one acting as the moderator.

LG (www.LGsolutions.com) has released the P Series Network Monitor, its next-generation of virtualization computing devices. The 18.9” (measured diagonally) monitor uses zero client virtual computing technology to connect a server host and redistribute its capabilities to multiple users through IP, allowing IT directors to deliver mass computing capabilities schoolwide on a tight budget. The P Series uses a Teradici PCoIP (PC-over-IP) Chipset and VMWare software to offer security in the classroom.

ViewSonic (www.viewsonic.com) has partnered with Microsoft to help teachers manage a multi-user classroom network. The MultiClient solution gives teachers a scalable system for powering up to 10 user stations with monitors from one host PC. ViewSonic’s MultiClient boxes are paired with Microsoft’s Windows MultiPoint server platform to offer a fully-managed classroom network.

Canon USA (www.usa.canon.com) has added the LV-8320 to its line of portable multimedia LCD projectors. The projector features WXGA-resolution (1280 x 800) and includes advanced features like a 1.6x manual zoom lens for easy projector placement. The projector has an extended lamp and filter life, and an HDMI digital input for projection of 1080p video from Blu-ray players and other HD sources.

Casio America (www.casiousa.com) has partnered with Crestron Electronics, enabling Crestron RoomView Connected to be included in Casio’s new portfolio of interactive projectors. The software helps IT administrators with help desk management, remote monitoring, and control of AV devices on the network without special hardware or programming.

FSR’s (www.fsrinc.com) new Flex-LT selfcontained room control system can be wallmounted or placed on a desk. An intuitive color touch screen controls the source being displayed, volume, lights, shades, or screen with a simple touch. The solution allows one to easily toggle between static functions, such as announcements, and video presentations.

InFocus (www.infocus.com) has unveiled Mondopad, a 55-inch HD wall tablet that uses Vidtel’s cloud-based video conferencing system to offer an all-in-one collaboration display. Mondopad requires no infrastructure investment or IT resources, and it connects to all SIP and H.323 standards-based end points. The included 720p HD video camera and soundbar make the Mondopad a nice addition to small classrooms.

The new iRig Mic (www.ikmulti media.com/irigmic) is the first handheld quality condenser microphone for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.The mic can be used to record speeches, instruments, performances, or any other sound sources. It can be mounted on any mic stand for handsfree operation, and can be adjusted for sound pressure condition via a three-level gain switch.

JVC Professional Products (www.pro.jvc.com) has unveiled the new GY-HM710U ProHD camcorder, a compact, shoulder-mount camcorder that’s great for the classroom. It records 1920x1080 HD footage in 1080p and 1080i at 25 Mbps or 35 Mbps. Users can record in ready-to-edit file formats for Apple Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere and other NLE systems.

BenQ (www.benq.us) has announced that its new DLP projector will feature an energy-saving technology called Smart Eco Mode. The MX850UST projector uses up to 50 percent less energy than other systems, and will extend lamp life, requiring less maintenance for schools.