Sphero Bolt Review: Can This Robot Ball Teach Code?

Sphero bolt

From our friends at Tom's Hardware:

Sphero Bolt is like tomorrow’s toy ball. Instead of being purely focused on catch, this STEM ball is all about teaching code. With a light up RGB LED panel, JavaScript Wiki page and a database of tutorials and projects, you can program the Bolt to do all sorts of things through the free Sphero Edu app. There are also a few games to play if you download the Sphero Play app too. 

Why this matters:

With an increasing need for coding-competent young adults in the workforce, K-12 education leaders across the country are putting more emphasis on coding and STEM-related education technology in the classroom.  Sphero Bolt's transparent shell revealing the inner circuitry and bright lights will engage kids playfully in STEM learning as they grasp concepts such as block coding, JavaScript, math and physics. To learn more about the classroom potential of the Sphero Bolt and its companion apps, read the full review on Tom's Hardware