Springfield Launches Effective Educator Development System

Springfield Public Schools in Massachusetts recently partnered with Truenorthlogic to launch the Springfield Effective Educator Development System (SEEDS) using the Truenorthlogic software. The SEEDS evaluation process supports the development and improvement of the district’s 2,700 teachers.

SEEDS will use data dashboards for teachers, principals and administrators to drive decision making, and formative and summative assessments to drive instruction. Springfield’s summative evaluation process is available this academic year, with a roll out of all evaluations during the 2013-2014 school year.

“We believe each student has the right and the potential to graduate from our schools ready to succeed in college or begin a productive career; that’s what we’re working towards. Success lies in guaranteeing that students receive effective instruction in every class, every day,” says Kate Fenton, Chief Instructional Officer at Springfield Public Schools.

Truenorthlogic solutions help state education agencies and districts link human resource management with strategies to promote effective teaching, including teacher preparation and induction support, licensure and certification tracking, career planning tools, evaluation, professional development management and system support for differentiated learning and incentive pay models.

“Nothing is more important than helping every student succeed and become a positive contributor to our society. Truenorthlogic’s software, focused on the entire educator development cycle, supports many districts, like Springfield,” says Jeanette Haren, President and CEO of Truenorthlogic.