St. Peter’s Lutheran School Adopts Anonymous Reporting Platform

Saint Peter’s Lutheran School in Columbus, Indiana, has implemented a web-based anonymous incident reporting and prevention platform called TIPS to help maintain a safe environment for the members of their congregation and surrounding community.

Awareity’s TIPS is an online tool for incident reporting, incident tracking, investigations, training and documentation. TIPS allows students, parents, employees, administrators, staff and community members to anonymously report warning signs and concerning behaviors. The goal of TIPS is PREVENTION and to help identify red flags before an incident occurs or escalates into tragedy.

TIPS provides students a safe option to share their concerns without fear of retaliation or punishment. “Do students know things we don’t? Absolutely. With TIPS, we hope to empower all students, staff, employees, congregation members, etc. to come forward with any information or concerns. We can work together to build a safer school,” says Principal Scott Schumacher.

By accessing the REPORT INCIDENT button on the St. Peter’s Lutheran School web site, individuals can share reports involving bullying, threats to harm, suicide concerns, accidents, health risks, truancy, child protection or custody issues. When a report comes in, the appropriate team is immediately notified. TIPS helps coordinate school administrators, principals, school nurse personnel and counselors and ensures action is taken on all reports in a timely and consistent manner.