Stoneware announces classroom management from the cloud

Stoneware announced the availability of the first “on-demand” classroom management solution, which enables Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs in schools. For organizations needing to enable their students or workers to bring their devices, webNetwork 6.1 combined with LanSchool 7.7 delivers the world’s first “on-demand” classroom management solution from the cloud.

BYOD initiatives can save significant amounts of money in hardware, but without administrative rights to computers, it can also limit the tools that IT, teachers and trainers use to get their jobs done.

“Combining LanSchool and webNetwork allows schools to manage, monitor and teach students and employees using their own devices,” said Ben Cahoon, President of Stoneware. “Using the new 'on-demand' LanSchool client and webNetwork, you no longer need admin rights to install and use classroom management features. Students log in to webNetwork and the LanSchool client software is loaded temporarily on that computer from the cloud.”

The “on-demand” LanSchool agent is included as part of the LanSchool software download. Existing customers with a current maintenance agreement can download the latest version for free. To take advantage of delivering the “on-demand” agent from the cloud requires webNetwork 6.1.

webNetwork 6.1 is a free upgrade for customers under a current maintenance agreement. webNetwork corporate pricing starts at $50 per named user. LanSchool educational pricing starts at $599 per classroom. Volume and educational discounts are available for both products.